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What is revision all about ?

Revision should be about re-viewing the coursework you have done.

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You need to be confident in three areas of expertise:

1.   Course structure

You should know the overall structure of the course. You should have a clear understanding of what topics are in the course; so that when you look at a question, you can say "I know which part of the course that is referring to."

















































building blocks

2.    Building Blocks

Building blocks are the tools that you have learnt to use throughout the course. They are the basic mathematical methods. For example learning and using various formulae. Using algebra, solving equations, and so on ....

3.    Strategies

This is the most difficult skill to acquire. It involves being able to look at an examination question and be able to see your way through it by

  • identifying what the question is actually asking you

  • identifying which part or parts of the course the question is testing you on

  • identifying key skills and building blocks that you will need, to solve the problem

  • being able to see your way through the problem as a series of steps

past papers

Past Paper Questions

Finally, you should attempt past paper style questions, which will test all the above skills.

You will find that there are parts of the course that you find easy.

Other parts you may find very difficult - do not worry - this is perfectly normal.

So how do you deal with this ?

Start from what you know.

Build on your strengths.

Build on the knowledge you have, make sure you are confident in what you can do, then move onto the areas that you are less confident in. Leave the really difficult bits till last. They may not seem so difficult when you get to them.


How to revise

With paper and pencil !

  • Look at your text book, or your Credit Revision Notes.
    Read the relevant sections
    Make Notes, to summarise the essential points.

  • Try the Examples, to make sure you understand what is going on.

  • Practice using Past Papers
    When you have finished them - do them again.

    After a short while, you will recognise the type of question.
  • Past Paper Questions by Topic
    If you need more practice in a certain area - use the booklet.

    If you are not sure how to do a question, look at the solution.

    Copy it out carefully, trying to understand the processes involved.

    Then immediately, try and do it again yourself, without the solution in front of you.

    You may wish to look up the relevant topic in the Revision Notes booklet or
    your Maths text book.
Above all, enjoy what you are doing.

Take pride in your achievement.

Believe in yourself.

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