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Here are your Banker Questions

Make sure you can do them thoroughly.

That's about all there is time for.

I suggest you also make sure you are familiar with the following topics:

Nested Division and factorising polynomials.

Using the discriminant to determine the nature of roots
Using the discriminant to determine the condition for equal roots.
Using the discriminant and quadratic inequality graphs to determine conditions for real roots.

Sketching graphs of derived functions.

Recurrence Relations and working with them as algebraic equations.
Forming recurrence relations and finding the limits.

Standard Integral - Reverse of the chain rule.
Integrating sine and cosine - including where the chain rule has been used.

Differentiation - Using the chain rule for algebraic and trigonometric functions.
Velocity and acceleration calculations - both differentiation and integration.

Graphs of related functions.
Recognising trigonometric graphs   e.g. y = a sin bx + c

Finding equation of a tangent to a circle.
Using discriminant to show a line is a tangent to a circle.

Compound angles, exact values and right angled triangles e.g. show cos(x + y) = 63/65 etc.


It appears that some of you cannot access the Macromedia Flash Paper files for the banker questions, the Higher tutorials on Indices, Surds; and the Credit revision topics. I have now included pdf versions of these which can be opened with Adobe Acrobat Reader. These are underneath the relevant links.

The PowerPoint PPT and PPS files should be downloaded first.
Choose SAVE and then when downloaded, run them locally.
If you try to open them through your browser, it may not work.





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Banker Questions

Banker Question 1
Banker 1 pdf

Supplementary 1
Supplementary 1 pdf

Banker Question 2
Banker 2 pdf

Banker Question 3
Banker 3 pdf

Banker Question 4
Banker 4

Banker Question 5
Banker 5 pdf

Banker Question 6
Banker 6 pdf

Banker Question 7
Banker 7 pdf

Banker Question 8
Banker 8 pdf

Banker Question 9
Banker 9 pdf

Banker Question 10
Banker 10 pdf

Banker Question 11
Banker 11 pdf

Banker Question 12
Banker 12 pdf


Banker Shorts

Straight Line

Straight Line
Straight Line pdf


Completing Square
Completing Square pdf



Differential Equation
Differential Equation pdf






Higher Topics


Logs and Exponentials (PPT)

Experiment & Theory (PPT)

Review Differentiation
Review Differentiation pdf

Differentiation Techniques
Differentiation Techniques pdf

Practice Examples

Hints and Tips
Hints & Tips pdf

Indices pdf
Indices PowerPoint
Indices Worksheet (pdf)

Solutions (pdf)

Surds pdf
Surds PowerPoint
Surds Worksheet (pdf)
Solutions (pdf)

Trig Graphs
Trig Graphs pdf


Useful Credit Topics

Sine Rule
Sine Rule pdf

Cosine Rule
Cosine Rule pdf

Fractions and Equations
Fractions and Equations pdf

Changing subject of formula

Changing Subject pdf

Trig Equations
Trig Equations pdf

Trig Graphs

Trig Graphs

Indices pdf


Surds pdf



















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