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  Chartwell Yorke   Chartwell-Yorke  Find out more
UK Supplier for much of the software listed below.
Free demo CD available on request, with 30 day trials. Well worth a visit

  Mathtype 5
  Mathtype 5.2   Find out more
An equation editor which works as a stand-alone equation generator or as a plug-in in Microsoft Word. Easy and intuitive to use.

















Design Science

























Autograph 3   Autograph 3   Find out more
A graph drawing package - useful for investigating graphs of functions, lots of features.

Geometers Sketch Pad   Geometers SketchPad 4.1   Find out more
Allows you to investigate interactions of geometrical elements, creates great animations. Very easy to learn at a basic level, but allows very complex models to be built.
Key Curriculum Press

Graph Paper Printer   Graph Paper Printer 5.4   Find out more
Creates Graph Paper in different styles - print out or export as an image file and use in another software package.

Fathom   Fathom 2   Find out more
Fathom Dynamic Data Software enhances learning
from Algebra to Calculus. Uses real statistical data.
Totally and dynamically interactive. Brings statistics


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