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About the course

There are two elements to the course:

Knowledge and Understanding (KU)
Can you do the maths calculations.

Reasoning and Enquiry (RE)
Can you apply the maths to problem solving situations.

In all cases, a general strategy is to reduce the question to its basic form.
Ask yourself,    "What part of the course is the question about?"

If it is a KU question - this should be fairly obvious.
If it is an RE question, then it will just be wrapped up in a descriptive context.

Extract the mathematics from the question, to see what processes are required.
Work through them and interpret your answer back to the original question.

No matter how wordy or complex the question seems,
all you have to do is to isolate which bit of mathematics is involved.

Once you know that - you can solve the problem.

. . . . . providing, you can do the maths !

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